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Diversity Council

Purpose Statement: The purpose of the Diversity Council is to develop and coordinate organizational efforts designed to increase diversity, inclusiveness, and equity at the College.

Charter Sponsor: Cabinet

Charter Contact: Randy VanWagoner, President

Timeline: Standing


1. President’s Office – Jill Heintz (Chair)
2. Human Resources – Anne Nolan
3. Academic Affairs – Dina Radeljas
4. Academic Affairs – Belinda Alvarado
5. Student Affairs – Jimsak Dauorang
6. Admin. Services – Cassy Neary
7. Staff At-Large – Troy Little
8. Faculty MNSC– Melissa Barlett
9. Faculty SSPS – Ruyn Cavic
10. Faculty EDLS – Todd Marshall
11. Staff At-Large – Carolyn DeJohn
12. Staff At-Large – Chrono Ho
13. Student – TBA (Student Congress Appt).


Review data regarding recruitment, hiring, and retention of a diverse and inclusive workforceMake recommendations for improvement
Review data regarding recruitment, retention, and success of a diverse student population.Make recommendations for improvement
Review organizational performance regarding the development and nurturing of an equitable and inclusive environment for employees and students.Monitor, evaluate, and make recommendations for improvement
Monitor and update the institutional Diversity Plan as needed (minimum of an annual update).Monitor and update
Coordinate and provide activities and resources as necessary to advance the mission of the College and the Diversity Plan.Coordinate and provide
Actively engage in communications to promote and advance diversity, equity, and inclusion at MVCC.Communicate



Make decisions; discuss personnel issues; discuss contractual issues


• Recognize that everyone is at a different place with regard to diversity
• Be courageous, bold, and daring
• College Core Values:
  Model the Way
  Encourage Excellence
  Inspire Confidence
  Embrace Community