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MVCC Alumni Association

What we do

The Mohawk Valley Community College Alumni Association is a group of alumni volunteers who place a high value on their MVCC experience. The Association serves the primary purpose of promoting MVCC in the community as well as on campus, by planning and executing a variety of activities, projects and programs to enhance the positive image and interests of MVCC and its graduates.

Some examples of the Alumni Association's commitments:

  • We provide opportunities for our current students to meet with some of our successful Alumni for career and life guidance. Each year, the Alumni Association puts together a career panel of alumni to meet and speak to students.
  • We are involved in community service. Every year, the Alumni Association organizes blood drives and other events in an effort to give back to the community.
  • We promote the college and the programs it offers through various activities, such as the annual Alumni Art Show.
  • We keep alumni connected to the college and foster these relationships through reunions and similar events.

For additional information on the Alumni Association or alumni-related questions, please contact the MVCC Foundation at 315-792-5555 or send an email.

Alumni Association at work

The MVCC Alumni Association strives to achieve a consistently high quality of traditional activities, projects and programs while simultaneously broadening them to include others that support the College’s mission.

See the MVCC Alumni Association at work by clicking through the slideshow below.

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