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Why join STEP?

STEP offers many programs and services that students can benefit from:

Advisement and Mentoring

Students have opportunity to seek advisement and guidance in the following areas:

  • academic success and struggles
  • career planning
  • personal advice
  • financial consultation

Workshops include:

  • personal assessment
  • paying for college
  • resources for financial aid
  • career assessment
  • goal setting
  • personal growth
  • academic advising for school and college courses

Tutorial Assistance and Mentoring

Assistance in academic studies such as Biology, Chemistry, Algebra, Geometry, US History, English, and Global Studies, Individual and group tutoring sessions with experienced and exceptional instructors both at the high school and college levels.

Mentoring is available in conjunction with CSTEP. Students attend classes with CSTEP students during Network Week in April.


  • Increased confidence in academic studies and in study skills
  • Preparation for Regents exams
  • Preparation for SAT and ACT
  • Increased awareness of college class and lab facilities on campus
  • Increased exposure to the college community and resources


  • resume writing and interview strategies
  • stress and time management
  • college and career exploration
  • strategic learning
  • personal assessment
  • college application
  • internship search
  • technology and computers

The STEP Professional Speaker Series introduces students to outstanding community leaders and experts in the math, health, science, and technology fields.
Other events include: volunteer food drives, college visits, research projects.


  • Increased awareness in STEM fields and professions
  • College and Career Preparation
  • Increased involvement in personal and future goals
  • Opportunity to learn different skills applicable to college and future career

Internship and Job Shadowing

Students will be able to experience an opportunity to shadow a professional in their field of choice as well as participate in an internship in their junior and/or senior year of high school.


  • Opportunity for a hands-on experience in professional environment
  • Opportunity to experience a career in choice of study
  • Increased awareness of job opportunities
  • Meet professionals and experts in field of choice
  • Connect with people and members in the community

Jean Leandre - STEP/CSTEP Director


Sarah Layton - STEP/CSTEP Liaison


Jennifer Rubino - CSTEP Coordinator


Lol-Kirk Miller - STEP Coordinator


Alumni College Center 204

1101 Sherman Drive - Utica, NY 13501

STEP: 315-792-5529
CSTEP: 315-792-5395