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CSTEP Eligibility

Eligible CSTEP Scholars must be:

1)Be a New York State Resident

2)Be a member of the underrepresented target populations (African American, Hispanic/Latino, Native American/American Indian, Asian/Pacific Islander) OR Be economically disadvantaged (for income eligibility guidelines. Income documentation must be provided by Caucasian and Asian students only)

3)Be a full time student at a CSTEP-targeted STEM or Licensed Professions at MVCC (Other licensed professions covered by MVCC CSTEP)

4)Have or maintain a minimum cumulative grade point average of 2.50

5)Commit to fully participate in CSTEP events and activities


Jean Leandre - STEP/CSTEP Director


Ushona McLean - CSTEP and STEP Coordinator


Lol-Kirk Miller - STEP Program Specialist


Manny Sabillon - CSTEP Program Specialist


Alumni College Center 204

1101 Sherman Drive - Utica, NY 13501

STEP: 315-792-5529
CSTEP: 315-792-5395