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CMS Overview

Content Management System: An online tool that allows multiple users to easily create, edit, and manage Web pages. Does not require mastery of programming or design.

  • MVCC's CMS has been custom-created by Brockett Creative Inc. and Designworks Advertising Inc.

Content Uploaders: Designated employees in every area of the college who maintain their Center's or office's Web presence.

Benefits of the CMS:

  • Every area can update its pages in real time in response to emergent or scheduled student needs

  • Content uploaders can be cross-trained to provide backup service and monitor each other's pages

  • Power users in Marketing and skilled content uploaders college-wide share best practices with colleagues

  • Any user who can use MS Word or Outlook e-mail can be trained in use of the CMS

  • Built-in user guide and support system

  • Standardized templates for consistent design

  • Built-in navigation menus and other common page elememts

  • Cross-linking pages ensures that a change made on source page is replicated elsewhere throughout the site

This page took about :05 to build. The person who created this page has no training or experience in Web programming.

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Marketing & Communications

Payne Hall, Office 366
1101 Sherman Drive
Utica, New York 13501
Telephone - 315.792.5330
FAX - 315.731.5856