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What is a Community College

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  • A Community College is the first two years of your four-year degree program. "MVCC First."

  • A Community College offers two-year associate degree programs designed for career and transfer opportunities.

  • A Community College will give you access to countless transfer opportunities to the four-year university of your choice.

  • A Community College offers 2(plus)2 programs with specified four-year universities.

  • A Community College offers you a valuable college experience.

  • A Community College is half the cost of a four-year university.

The Community College Concept:

Community colleges are a uniquely American institution. Their mission is to provide access to higher education to everyone - regardless of race, gender, social status, income, geographic location, etc. In support of this goal, community colleges have a tradition of open admissions and low tuition. Public support enables them to keep tuition low and quality high.

Across the U.S., more than 10 million students attend community colleges to improve their future - and that of their families. In return, they improve the country's ability to compete with the rest of the world, and they provide the educated populace on which a free nation depends. For this reason, community colleges have been referred to as "democracy's colleges."

Community colleges are teaching institutions. As such, their entire focus is on creating a learning-centered environment. Classes are kept small and opportunities for interaction between instructor and students are frequent. Community colleges are leaders in developing new programs and new instructional techniques.

Community colleges are strongly oriented toward meeting the needs of the areas they serve. They are actively involved in providing continuing education for adult students, and training needed to support employers services, Center for Community and Economic Development, and two campuses are all the result of its commitment to this orientation.

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