Lab Procedures

Open Computer Lab Hours

Online students who have yet to request their login information should go to the Online section of the MVCC web site and request one by following the  Information on the online support site.

All students who have registered for classes will have a college account. It will be active on the first day of the semester.

  1. Student logon's consist of the following:
    First initial followed by last name and day of birth (i.e. John Doe who was born on January 5 would be "jdoe05")
    Last four digits of SSN (i.e. 123-45-6789 password would be 6789)
    The domain is always "mvcclabs"
  2. Your password will remain the same unless there is a specific need to change it. If you believe that your password has been compromised, you can have it changed by visiting the Help Desk in IT139.
  3. Once into the operating system, the MVCC Student Computer Use Policy will be displayed. Please read this carefully, so you understand your responsibilities. Once you read it, click on "I accept" to be allowed into the operating system. If you choose "I do not accept," you will be returned to the login screen and not allowed to continue.
  4. Each student has a home directory where they may store files; it is located on the H: drive (student files). Students may only access their own individual home directory. Up to 350 MB of space is allotted per student. At the end of each semester, these directories are purged. Students should move all their files to removable media before the end of the semester.
  5. Students with home computers and internet connectivity can access their home directories via an ftp server. To do so, go to You will be prompted for username and password. Any ftp program can be used. However, the Information Technology Department supports only Internet Explorer 5.0 and above.
  6. All students will receive College email accounts. The username for College email is the same as for logon accounts. So, a student named John Doe born on January 5 would have an email address of Students may access this account from anywhere using the Microsoft Outlook Web Client. To access the web client, go to to bring up the logon screen. You will then be prompted with a logon box similar to the network logon; enter your username and password to gain access to your account. Students have up to 50 MB of email storage and retain their email accounts from semester to semester. After three consecutive semesters of non-registration, the email account will be purged. Messages older than 150 days are purged, so please move important emails to removable media.
  7. If you cannot logon to a computer in the lab or access your email account or Online class; Please visit or call one of the following locations:
    IT Help Desk (IT139) 731.5711
    Media Services (PC119) 334.7715
    MV Online: 1.866.361.8865 (toll free support line)