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MVCC is a welcoming, diverse learning community and, as such, strives to encourage understanding and interaction among all types of students, faculty, and staff. This interaction happens not only during class time, but also with student organizations, college resources, and welcoming faculty and staff.

This page is your link to LGBTQ (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer) resources for the MVCC community. It's an online gender and sexuality center for you.

  • Are you looking for a supportive staff or faculty member? Look at our list of allies.
  • Did you know that at MVCC, you can assign a "Preferred Name" in place of your birth name? FAQ page coming soon! Many changes will be taking place in Fall 2016 - please stay tuned!
  • MVCC Residential Life is LGBTQ friendly and offers customized housing options. Contact Dennis Gibbons for more information.
  • Do you want to know which courses may deal with LGBT issues? Listed here are courses that have application to LGBT issues. (Coming soon)
  • Are you curious about library resources available to you? Link up with the library resources for LGBT interests.
  • Do you want to find a student group that deal with LGBT interests - social or otherwise? Check out the GSA (Gay Straight Alliance) page under MVCC resources.
  • If you are a faculty/staff member looking for resources, check out the Safe Space page!
  • Are you searching for off-campus community resources? Check the list!

MVCC values and welcomes all students! Find your connections here!