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Child Care FAQ's

What are the ages of the children we serve?

We currently serve 3 - 5 years of age, and a toddler room with children 18 - 36 months old.

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Can children attend part time or full time?

Yes, full time is considered 4 hours or more. Part time is less than 4 hours.

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What hours are you open?

7:45am to 4:30pm.

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What is the cost of care?

$20 part time.  $33 full day

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Can financial aid be used to pay for the service?


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Can I use the center as a "drop-off" for children while I am attending class?

No, children must be registered.

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Do students receive meals or snacks?

Children are served a balanced breakfast, lunch and snack.

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What are some popular misconceptions of your department?

Staff simply play and babysit all day. Wrong, we are early childhood professionals providing guidance, and learning in a nurturing environment for young children.

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What else do you with people knew about your department?

• We are professionals educating children in their most formative years. Beyond teaching young children, we support students and their families.

• We are NAEYC accredited, the highest mark of quality in early childhood education.

• NYS OCFS regulates and mandates our program. We must maintain staff/child ratios for supervision and care at all times.

• We provide a site for MVCC EDU students for observation, volunteering and first “hands-on “ experience.

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