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Margaret Reilly



P.E. and Assistant Professor of Civil Engineering Technology


Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics and Physics (STEM) Center



---M.S.:Education – SUNY Oswego - Oswego, NY - 2006
---B.S.:Civil & Environmental Engineering-Clarkson University-Potsdam, NY-1982
---NY State Professional  Engineering (P.E.) License since 1989


Work Experience at MVCC: 14 years


Bio: When not working on my civil engineering courses here at MVCC I enjoy spending time working in my extensive gardens. I enjoy designing new gardens, maintaining the existing gardens and love plants.  I enjoy spending time with my two children, my husband and our newest addition to our family, our new love of our lives: our grandson, Finnegan. I also enjoy travelling to new and exciting places in the world. I am a strong believer in sustainability and figuring out how we are going to leave this earth for our children and grandchildren.


Industrial/Outside Work Experience: I am an engineer that loves to teach and practice as an engineer. I have worked for a consultant on the I-81 project in Syracuse before going to NYSDOT in 1984. I worked there as a Civil Engineer 2 until coming to MVCC in 2001. The two biggest projects I worked on were the EIS for Judd Road Extension Project and the NYSDOT representative for Woodstock ’99. While working here at MVCC I also worked for Lochner Engineering, Utica, NY on the Fort Drum Connector EIS. I was the project engineer and co-author of the EIS. I worked closely with NYSDOT and other state/federal agencies. My area of expertise is large transportation projects and Environmental Impact Statements.



Office: Academic Building, Room 228-A

Telephone: 315.731.5844

9:00am CT 141 Lab...

Office Hour

AB 228a

CT 141 Lab... 

CT 221

IT 224

...IT 138 ...IT 138 

CT 221...


CT 231

 CT 231

...ST 103

...Lec in ST 103... ...Lec in ST 103... 

Office Hour

AB 228a

...Lab in ST 103...

Office Hour


AB 228a

Office Hour

2:00pmCT 221 Lab......ST 103CT 221 Lab 2......AB 228a 


ST 103

 ...2...ST 103  


Schedule for Fall 2014