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Continuing Appointments for Faculty Committee

Purpose Statement: The purpose of the Continuing Appointments for Faculty Committee is to rigorously review those candidates who are eligible for continuing appointment at the College and make recommendations to the appropriate parties.

Charter Sponsor: College Senate

Charter Contact: College Senate Chair


(3 year Term)

1. Five elected faculty members who hold continuing appointments and who are not an evaluators for such appointments


  • Research college work contributions on all continuing appointment candidates.
  • Identify candidate strengths and weaknesses, if any List professional contributions for each candidate and relate to college/center goals.
  • Evaluate each candidate based on past contributions (self reports) and supervisor recommendations. Review, evaluate and recommend/disapprove based on findings.
  • Make recommendations to VPLAA based on determined points accumulated via committee developed rubric. Communicate findings to VPLAA

Does Not

  • Make decisions; discuss personnel issues; discuss contractual issues

Guiding Points

  • Keep the College mission front and center
  • Be fair to each candidate regardless of personal experiences or attitudes
  • Evaluate each candidate based on supervisors’ recommendations and quality of self report contributions. 
  • Recognize that each candidate may endeavor to persevere in their own path. Seek to understand their true intentions.

Continuing Appointments for Faculty Committee