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Jeremy Merry Memorial

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Scholarship Name: Jeremy Merry, Resident Assistant Memorial Scholarship

Deadline to Apply: November 15 and April 1
1st Year:
2nd Year:
Duration: 1 Semester
Description: This scholarship was established in memory of Jeremy Merry who passed away at the age of 24 from Leukemia. He graduated from MVCC in 2008 with a degree in Graphic Communication/Graphic Design. Jeremy was very proud of being a Resident Assistant at MVCC. His kindness and thoughtfulness touched the hearts of everyone.
Amount Awarded: $500
Criteria Checklist:

  • Must be a current Resident Assistant who has completed one semester at MVCC (successful performance as a Resident Assistant based on performance appraisals from student and staff recommendations)
  • Financial Need
  • Community Involvement and/or Service
  • Education/Work Ethic

Application Process: Contact Institutional Advancement in Payne Hall room 220 for a General MVCC application

Selection by Jeremy Merry, Resident Assistant Memorial Scholarship Committee