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Graduation FAQ

How do I know if I have met all the requirements for graduation?

Students should meet with an academic advisor throughout their studies and especially near graduation to be sure they have completed all requirements for their program of study. You may apply to graduate once you have completed at least 50% of the total credits required for a certificate or 70%  of the credits required for a degree.

When do I apply for graduation?

The Office of Records and Registration must meet deadlines to report final counts of graduates for the commencement ceremony and for state reports, but will make every effort to process graduations for the appropriate semester. We recommend that you submit an Application for Graduation at the start of your final semester.

Click here for an Application for Graduation.


Is there a fee to graduate or to apply for graduation?

There is no graduation fee required.

What happens if I want to transfer to another institution, but I am missing one or two courses?

You should still file the application for graduation. Make sure that courses taken at other institutions are equivalent to courses taught at MVCC. Your dean or academic advisor can advise you as to the content of courses taught in your program.

What documentation do I need to check on course transferability?

You need to obtain a copy of the course number, title, course description, number of credits granted by the other institution. Some courses need to be checked with the dean of the Center offering the course at MVCC.

What if I graduate in December but do not attend the December commencement ceremony. Can I attend the Spring Commencement ceremony?

Yes, you may attend. All students who attend commencement are "Candidates" for a certificate or degree. You do not graduate until the graduation is posted on your official transcript by the Office of Records and Registration.

What do I do if my diploma does not arrive after 8 weeks?

Contact the Office of Records and Registration (315) 792-5605.

What do I do if I change my address?

Fill out a change of address form in the Office of Records and Registration or send a signed letter indicating where you want your diploma to be sent.

How do I get a diploma cover?

Diploma covers are given to students who attend commencement ceremony, or you may pick up a diploma cover directly from the Office of Records and Registration if you do not attend the ceremony.

What happens once I turn in my application for graduation form?

Forms are sent to the Academic Center housing your certificate or degree program to be reviewed for certification.

Where are diplomas sent?

Diplomas are sent to the permanent home address on record unless you indicate a different address on the Application for Graduation form.

What if my application for graduation is turned down?

Students who do not meet the requirements for graduation will be notified in writing by the Academic Center offering the degree or certificate. In order to have their academic record re-evaluated, such students must fill out a new Application for Graduation form once all requirements have been met.

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