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Scores and Course Placement

The way in which students score on our placement test indicates to us what courses they are ready for and helps to ensure that students are not registered for courses they are not prepared to succeed in. As the placement test is broken up into three different areas, writing, reading, and math, there are three separate scoring rubrics used to determine what courses new students can take.

We are currently in a period of transition from using COMPASS to ACCUPLACER. Due to the importance of understanding each of the scoring rubrics, we have developed webpages for both tests as well as our SAT exemption policy.



ACCUPLACER® Scores and Course Placement


COMPASS® Scores and Course Placement


SAT Exemption Policy


Airframe and Powerplant Score Requirements

David Yahnke
Placement Testing Coordinator
Phone: (315) 792 - 5458

Nolan Snyder
Technical Assistant
Phone: (315) 731 - 5802

Utica - Payne Hall 104A

Email Placement Testing

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