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Family & Other Supporters

Congratulations! You are the parent, family member, or other supporter of a college student.

As your student begins college, we want to support YOU as you support your student. Our experience has shown us that when students have problems or concerns, their parents and close family/friends are the ones they turn to, so we want to provide you with information to support their success. Know that we, at MVCC, have your student's best interests at heart. We want to support each student to find purpose and become independent.

Share with your student that support services are NOT just for students having problems. Good students also benefits from having better study skills, using tutoring to enhance their performance, and seeking career counseling. The staff at MVCC can assist students in setting their educational goals and outlining the steps necessary to reach them. A clear goal increases the chances of persistence and success.

Lizabeth Doherty
Coordinator of the First Year Experience

Alumni College Center 208

Phone: (315) 792-5377


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