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What It Takes


This section explains ways in which you can take control of your educational success at MVCC. Click on each tip to learn more.

• Commit to Complete
• Ask for Help
• Get Connected to Campus
• Study
• Time Management
• Go to Class
• Stay Healthy
• Graduate

(**each list will open up a text box on the side to view the information)

Commit to Complete:

Be an independent learner and take control of your education. Completing an associate degree ensures greater opportunities for transfer, scholarships, employment, as well as higher income after graduation.
You took the first step by coming to college; make a commitment to complete your degree or certificate.

Ask for Help:

We know it can become overwhelming at times; don’t give up! There will be ups and downs along the way. If you feel overwhelmed at any point, whether it is your first semester or not, talk to someone you have connected with on campus (advisor/counselor) to help you sort it out and get back on track.

Get to know MVCC staff and faculty – what great resources! All of our instructors hold office hours for you to meet with them and discuss any issues you are having with your education.

Get Connected to Campus:

Build connections and take pride in being an MVCC Hawk; meet new people, join a club, attend an event, get involved. Studies show that an engaged student is more likely to graduate.

Welcome Week – the start of the fall semester is full of various activities on both campuses.

It sounds simple right? In college plan to study for 2-3 hours outside of class for each hour you’re in class. Being a full-time student is like having a full-time job. 15 credit hours 30 study hours = 45 hours weekly as a student.

Time  Management:

• Balance responsibilities and set your priorities
• Keep organized; plan ahead and be realistic about your other responsibilities
• Record important deadlines and test dates in your MVCC planner (free in the Student Service Center)
• Schedule time for classes, tutoring, studying, appointments and relaxation

Go to class:

The number one reason students are unsuccessful in college is because they do not attend class. If you do need to miss a class, contact your instructor ahead of time if possible and make up any missed work.

Stay Healthy:

It’s just as important to stay healthy as it is to study and get good grades. Find a routine that works for you.


Students are responsible for satisfying all requirements leading to a degree or certificate in which they are enrolled.

• Pass all courses required for their degree or certificate
• Achieve at least a 2.0 program grade point average
• Complete all Diversity & Global View requirements

Each semester you should meet with your academic advisor to ensure you stay on track.