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Respiratory Care Faculty/Staff

Photo of Respiratory Care Coordinators/Faculty Members

Program Coordinator & Professor, Lorie Phillips (Left),
Clinical Coordinator, Brian O'Key (Center),
and Respiratory Care Assistant Professor, Debra Waterman (Right).


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Associate Dean of Health Professions: Lisa Cooley

Medical Director: Dr. Michael Bauer

Respiratory Care Program Coordinator: Lorie Phillips

Clinical Coordinator: Brian O'Key

Second Year Faculty: Debra Waterman

Staff: John Ringlehan, Tutor

Adjunct Faculty: Larry DeGironimo, Darin Ferrusi, Wayne Wilson, Mike Brown, Joe Sageer, Aleta Christian, Gerry Vallese, and Richard Veronesi

Laboratory Assistants: Camlee Gianotti, John Ringlehan, Calla Rogers, and Adin Sahnic