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FAQ about Nursing Health Form

1. Do I need this form in addition to the college health form?
Yes, Nursing Health Requirements differ from the college health requirements. Nursing students must submit this completed Nursing Health Requirements Physical form separately and in addition to the college health form.

2. What is the due date of the form?
The completed Health Requirements Physical Form is due by July 31.

3. I have a physical from my last visit to my Healthcare Provider can I submit that?
Physicals must be done after May 15, of the current year in order to be acceptable.

4. What if I have difficulty obtaining a physical by the due date?
Please inform your health care provider you are a nursing student and a physical which includes tests and lab reports is required by July 31.

5. I have had a MMR immunization can I submit that instead of the titers?
No, immunizations are not accepted as proof of immunity. Nursing students must submit copies of a lab report showing a positive titer in order to show proof of immunity.

6. What is a titer?
An antibody titer is a laboratory test that measures the presence and amount of antibodies in blood.

7. What type of CPR course is acceptable?
Accepted; American Heart Association CPR for the Healthcare Provider is the only CPR course accepted.
Not Accepted; American Red Cross

Click here for a CPR flyer of American Heart Association CPR Healthcare Provider course locations.