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Health Sciences Employees

 Nursing and Allied Health

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Kathleen Capone - Assistant Professor - Nursing

Melissa Copperwheat - Assistant Professor - Nursing

Anna Dousharm - Assistant Professor - Nursing

Pamela Fess - Associate Dean of Nursing & Allied Health (Associate Professor)

Lori Hughes - Instructor, Nursing

Lisa Chamberlin - Instructor, Health Sciences Retention Specialist

Sam Lilly - Instructor - Nursing

Christine Roberts - Senior Office Specialist I

Denise Smith - Instructor, Health Sciences Technical Laboratory Assistant

Michelle Wolff - Instructor - Nursing

Florence Mandebvu - Instructor - Nursing



Jamie Cuda - Assistant Professor - Allied Health

Karen Getman - Instructor, Allied Health

Debbie Schreppel - Instructor - Allied Health

Renae Sirles - Senior Office Specialist I


Mark Williams - Program Coordinator (Instructor) - Surgical Technology

Renae Sirles - Senior Office Specialist I


Mary Kate LaPaglia - Program Coordinator (Instructor) - Radiologic Technology

Renee Sbiroli - Clinical Coordinator (Instructor) - Radiologic Technology

Magan Leahy - Senior Office Specialist I



Lorie Phillips - Program Coordinator (Professor) - Respiratory Care

Charles Svoboda - Clinical Coordinator (Professor) - Respiratory Care

Debra Waterman - Assistant Professor - Respiratory Care


Pamela Fess, RN, MSN, CCRN
Associate Dean
of Nursing & Allied Health

Utica Campus - Payne Hall 348
Telephone - 315.792.5375

Email: Nursing & Allied Health