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Radiologic Technology Degree

As the population grows and ages, radiologic technologists will be in high demand. With age comes increased incidence of illness and injury, which often requires diagnostic imaging to plan a course for care. Diagnostic imaging is also used to monitor the progress of treatment, and with the increasing success of medical technologies in treating disease, even more diagnostic imaging will be needed. Employment is expected to increase much faster than the average for most occupations. Those with knowledge of more than one diagnostic imaging procedure will have the best opportunities.

MVCC's Radiologic Technology program prepares students to secure employment in the radiology field and/or to transfer with full junior-level status to a four-year institution in a related field of study. Students meeting the program's graduation requirements are eligible to apply to be licensed to practice in New York as well as to apply for certification by the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists (ARRT). MVCC's Radiologic Technology program is fully accredited by the Joint Review Committee on Education in Radiologic Technology (JRCERT).

The Joint Review Committee on Education in Radiologic Technology

     20 North Wacker Drive, Suite 2850

     Chicago, Illinois 60606-3182


Program Information

Mission Statement, Goals & Student Learning Outcomes 

•The primary mission of MVCC Radiologic Technology A.A.S. degree program is to educate diagnostic technologists who are professionally competent and certified to practice within the ARRT scope of practice, contribute to the imaging sciences, are committed to professional development through life-long learning, and meet the employment needs of the community. The program is committed to students' success by providing a quality curriculum and a diverse learning environment through partnerships with the health care community. The competency-based program requires a minimum number of clinical competencies and completion of all academic course work prior to graduation. The required clinical internship involves learning the art and science of medical radiography through demonstrations, case studies, and supervised practice of routine diagnostic procedures using state-of-the-art equipment throughout the entire two years of education. Eligibility requirements for ARRT certification in Radiography will - effective January 1, 2015 - call for candidates to have earned an associate degree from an accrediting agency recognized by the ARRT.

Radiologic Technology Student Clinical Experience

Radiologic Technology Admission Policies

Tuition and Fees

Refund Policies

Academic Calendars

Degree Information & Course List

Grading Policy

Graduation Requirements

MVCC Radiologic Technology Program Outcome Data

The first graduating class of Mohawk Valley Community College's Radiologic Technology A.A.S. Program was in May of 2014. The program will be able to provide the required five-year average data posting in 2018.

The following data was collected as part of the radiology program's assessment plan for the class of 2014. Ongoing assessment will continue to be reported on an annual basis.

Graduate Performance

 National Certification 1st Time Pass Rate


 The number of students attempting/number of
 students passing

16/16 = 100%

 Job Placement Rate within (2) Months


 The number of students actively seeking
  employment/number of graduates employed

 The remaining five graduates are enrolled in
 higher education programs.

11/11= 100%

 Program Completion Rate


 The number of students entering/number
 of students completing

16/16 = 100%


Academic Calendars

Fall 2015 Academic Calendar

Summer 2015 Academic Calendar

Spring 2015 Academic Calendar

How to Apply to the Radiology Program

  • Students that are new to MVCC need to submit a completed MVCC college admission application to the college Admission Office by March 1, including all official college or high school transcripts.
  • OUTSIDE OF THE UNITED STATES: Request a professional education credential evaluation report from an evaluation service [such as World Education Services (]. Please request that an official copy of the report be sent to Mohawk Valley Community College, Office of Admissions.


  • Minimum qualification: High school average of 83 OR a current overall college grade point average (GPA) of 2.80.
  • Math: An SAT math score of 500 or higher OR an ACT math score of 19 or higher OR an appropriate math placement test score OR a grade of "C" or better in an MVCC MA090, MA091, MA110, MA108, MA115, or comparable mathematics course taken within seven years.
  • Chemistry: High school chemistry with a lab or equivalent with a final grade of 70 or higher taken within seven years OR a grade of "C" or better in CH111 and CH112 or CH131 or equivalent taken within seven years.
  • Biology: High school biology or equivalent with a final grade of 70 or higher taken within seven years OR a grade of "C" or better in a college biology course with a lab taken within seven years.

Additional Information & Resources

Radiologic Technology Scholarship Awards

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