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Instant Messenger

Welcome to LibChat




Want to “chat” with an MVCC librarian in real-time? Use the askMVCClibrary IM chat window above to send the reference librarian a question via instant messenger (IM).

The bottom part of the IM chat window is where you’ll type your question. The top part of the window is where you’ll see our reply.

To get started, just click on the word “here” in the bottom part of the IM chat window, type in your question and then hit the “enter” key.

You’ll know your message has been sent when it moves from the bottom part of the IM chat window to the top part.

Our response will appear in the top part of the IM chat window right underneath your message.

In front of your message is a guest screen “nickname”. In front our reply, you’ll see the nickname “askMVCClibrary”. Use these nicknames to keep track of who said what.

If you want, you can personalize your nickname by clicking “edit nickname”, deleting the old nickname and typing in a new one.

When the question bubble at the top of the IM chatbox is green, you can IM an MVCC librarian. When the question bubble is red, askMVCClibrary is offline. MVCC library’s instant messaging (IM) service is available during library hours.

Watch for our “away” messages next to the question bubble. They let you know when the librarian is busy, or has moved away from the desk.
Patience please! IM questions are answered on a first-come, first-served basis. During busy times, it may take a little longer to answer questions. Hang in there if you can. We WANT to help you!!!

Cell phones, Blackberry’s and other electronic communication devices are NOT allowed in classes. Don’t try to IM the librarian for answers to your test questions. Cheating = expulsion!

This IM service is intended primarily for MVCC students, faculty and staff. Questions from others will be handled as time allows.

IM the “Old School” Way
To IM an MVCC librarian you can also add the screen-name “askMVCClibrary” to your IM buddy list. The chat clients that we support are AOL Instant Messenger (AIM), Yahoo! Messenger, MSN Messenger and Google Talk. You MUST have your own IM account through one of these services to use this method. You DO NOT need an IM account to use the IM chat window on the MVCC library homepage.