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Costs and Fees for International Students

Estimated International Student Expenses in U.S. Dollars for One Academic Year (9 Months)

  • Tuition: $8168.00

  • Room and Board: $9845.00

  • Fees: $794.00

  • Mandatory International Health Insurance: $1302.00

  • Books, Supplies and Personal Expenses: $2,000.00

Total: $22,109.00




  • Tuition and fees are subject to change without prior notice by decision of the Mohawk Valley Community College (MVCC) Board of Trustees.
  • Expenses for living off-campus may vary based on lifestyle choices and spending habits of the individual student. 
  • There is no on-campus family housing at MVCC. Students accompanied by a spouse (husband/wife) and/or children must add the following amounts to off-campus living expenses: USD$7,000.00 for spouse and USD$3,500.00 for each child. 
  • Summer on-campus housing is not included in this estimate but may be available on a limited basis for a fee. There is no campus meal plan offered in Summer.
  • During holiday breaks when the college is closed (i.e.-Thanksgiving, Winter, Spring), on-campus housing may be available on a limited basis for a fee.