Student Diversity

Total enrollment for the Fall-2013 semester was 7,433 of which 62% were full-time and 38% were part-time.

Student Ethnic Diversity at MVCC

Fall-2013 enrollment of full-time students according to U.S Department of Education categories of ethnicity.


Ethnicity by headcount

American Indian or Alaska Native  0.6%
Asian  4.6%
Black or African American  8.4%
Hispanic or Latino  7.2%
Two or more races  2.5%
Native Hawaiian or Pacific Islander  0.1%
Race/Ethnicity unknown  0.3%


Student Gender Diversity at MVCC

Fall-2013 enrollment of full-time students by gender.

Pie graph: 49% male 51% female students



Financial Aid Recipients

Fall-2013 matriculated students receiving Federal grants and loans, NYS grants, and the average award per student.

A. First time, full-time, matriculated students: students enrolled in college for the first time, taking at least 12 credit hours.
 Percent Receiving AidAverage Award
Federal Loans42%$4,938
B. All full-time, matriculated students
 Percent Receiving AidAverage Award
Federal Loans47%$5,100
 *New York State Tuition Assistance Program