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Refrigerator & Room Safe Information for New Students


Personal: You may bring your own refrigerator. Personal refrigerators must be "UL" approved and not exceed 2.7 cubic feet. A 1.6 is recommended. No more than two (2) refrigerators are allowed in any room.

Bookstore: 1.6 cubic feet refrigerators can be purchased from the College Bookstore for approximately $99.95. Students who have a Financial Aid Book voucher may use the voucher for this purchase. Refrigerators purchased at the bookstore may be eligible for "buy back" after use for approximately 50%.


Today's electronics are small and unfortunately easily stolen. Room Safes, similar to safes you find in hotel rooms, are highly recommended to safeguard your important documents, electronics such as your laptop or tablet and your purse or wallet. These safes can be connected with a security cable and attached to your bed frame. Safes may be purchased in the College Bookstore (inventory limited) or personally at a store of your choice.