Laundry Services

Each Residence Hall has laundry  equipment.  Our campus laundry service provider is MacGray.  Laundry Rooms are located in the basements of North and South Halls and on the first floor of Bellamy Hall.

Laundry Cards

Using the washers and dryers require the use of a MacGray Laundry Card.  Students may purchase laundry cards in New Hall, directly outside the main office.  Cards cost $5.  Each card has $3.25 on it once purchased.  Student DO NOT have to purchase new cards each time.  Instead, simpy add money to your card at the MacGray machine in Bellamy Hall.

Internet Based

Our laundry is Internet based.  We encourage you to view prior to going to the Laundry Room.  With the great resource, you can check machine availability prior to taking your laundry to the room and, it can text message or e-mail you when your laundry is done.

Need Help With Your Laundry?

Check out the CampusClothsline ...


MAC GRAY Intelligent Laundry Systems