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Cable TV & Telephone

Cable TV

Each student room and suite Gathering Room is cable TV ready for Time Warner Standard Cable.  Students can enjoy over 60 channels of entertainment and news and HBO is included. There is no sign up process nor additional fees for Standard Cable or HBO.  Students may connect up to two televisions, “UL” approved, to this connection for television service.

Students who wish to order additional services, including premium channels, digital cable, DVR or digital telephone may contact Time Warner Cable directly (855) 225-7898.    Your room telephone number, beginning with (315) 624-_ _ _ _ is your cable account number.  Students ordering additional cable TV services are responsible for all charges.

Click here for the most current channel line-up.



The room telephones are a great thing to set up.  Simply bring or purchase a telephone, plug it in and automatically begin receiving calls.   This is a great "back up" for when you are out of minutes or your cell isn't charged.

Service includes local and "room to room" telephone service, call waiting, call forwarding, and 3-way calling.  Phone numbers are given to students at check-in. There is NO charge for the local services. Students may choose to use a private phone card or their cell phone for long-distance service.  Voice mail is included with phone service.  Students may receive long-distance calls on this phone with no charge.

Voice Mail Instructions - Click Here