The Seven Deadly Sins

An Exhibit by Daria Souvorova

Vanity Character Study Pride Greed Character Study Gluttony

About the Exhibit

Symbol-laden portrayals explore the signs of turmoil encased within fleshy envelopes. Figures - relieved of their man-made barricades - seek empathy from their audience, forming an intimacy rarely achieved in life.

Daria Souvorova's "The Seven Deadly Sins" is an exploration of follies and masks. Robbing sitters of their intended personas, each sin seeks to expose the awkwardness and vulnerability inherent in betraying one's own weaknesses. Under the guise of simplicity, one word titles lay bare the complexity of human nature. A single mask often hides a sea of insecurity. Stripped of their camouflage, the sins appear naked - owning the truth if their frailty for the first time.

Tortured, twisted folds of loose skin fall victim to an unforgiving tape measure, divulging the frailty of the sitter - the Vain obsession with attaining an unspoken cultural expectation. It is, in fact, a self hatred and insecurity that breeds Vanity. A hopeless, sideways glance shows the origin of Gluttony's stretchmarks - a bottomless, sorrowful emptiness can never be cured but seeks solace from its symptoms in the contents of the empty plates surrounding him.

"The Seven Deadly Sins" will be on view at MVCC's Juergensen Gallery Oct. 7-Nov. 7, 2014.