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First Steps for Students

How do I get started?

1)  Apply to the College  (Admissions Office)

If you have never attended MVCC before, must first complete our free application!

You can do this ONLINE or in paper form.

Housing Preference: Full-time students who are interested in on-campus housing should indicate this desire on their application.  On-campus housing is available for full-time students only on a first-come, first-served basis.

2)  Submit Official Transcripts (Admissions Office)

Official transcripts are sealed by the institution and unopened by anyone but a representative of MVCC.

If you are not a high school graduate or have not completed your GED, we may still be an option!  You should speak with an Admissions Office (315-792-5354) representative to discuss your education goals.

3)  Apply for Financial Aid (Financial Aid Office)

Once you and/or your parents have completed your taxes for the year, you can apply for financial aid.  Tax information is vital to the completion of both the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) and the New York State Tuition Assistance Program (TAP).

You can complete both application online:

4)  Acceptance (Admissions Office)

You will receive a wealth of information in your acceptance packet, including the Admissions Reservation Form.  In order for us to prepare student records and keep your application active, we ask you to return the Admissions Reservation Form as soon as possible.  This form serves to place of an admissions deposit.

Once received, we can continue the process of helping you enroll at the College!



I'm Accepted, Now What?

5)  Submit Immunization Records (MMR)  (Health Center)

You MUST comply with this requirement due to New York State Law.  We need to have received proof of proper immunization for Measles, Mumps, and Rubella (MMR), before you are allowed to take our placement test.

Common places to find this information include your primary physician or your high school.

6)  Placement Test** (Placement Testing Office)

You must be accepted to the College before you are allowed to take our placement test.  This assessment helps us to place you into the appropriate level of math and English courses. You can schedule for the placement test HERE.

A photo ID is REQUIRED to take the test.  If you need special accommodations due to a disability, please contact our Disability Services Office (315-792-5644).

**Residential students will attend a ResHall SOAR which includes testing**

7)  Attend SOAR - Student Orientation, Advising & Registration (Advisement)

Commuter Students -  You will set up a SOAR appointment after your have completed placement testing.  The program includes a workshop and an individual appointment with an advisor to discuss your educational plans and college goals. You can learn more about SOAR here.

Residential Students -  You are required to attend a ResHall SOAR where you will placement test, spend an evening in the dorms, and then participate in the SOAR workshop and advising appointment.

Once you have met with an advisor and completed your new student appointment, you will be allowed to register for classes.  In order to do so, you must be able to log into your SIRS account with your M-Number and assigned PIN.



Home Stretch

8)  Certificate of Residency (Business Office)

If you are a non-resident of Oneida County, you must provide the Business Office with a certificate of residency from your home county.  Certificates can be obtained at your local county treasurer's office and must be submitted no earlier than sixty (60) days prior to the first day of class.

Failure to complete this will result in a charge equal to the amount of tuition!

9)  Finalize Financial Aid (Financial Aid Office)

Ensure that all paperwork and processes have been completed for financial aid.  Paperwork could include a Federal Verification Form, the MVCC Data Form, a copy of the current year's taxes, the Master Promissory Note, and/or loan entrance counseling.

10)  Confirm Charges and Pay Your Bill (Business Office)

All bills are prepared electronically and are available through your SIRS account.  Confirming charges is the method for paying your bill with financial aid.  If there is a balance remaining, you must enroll in a payment plan or provide full payment.

11)  Student ID & Parking Permit (Help Desk, Security Office)

Student ID:  You can obtain this through the Help Desk in the Payne Hall Student Services Center.  It can be used to enroll in a meal plan, gain access to campus events/services, and receive discounts from local businesses.

Parking Permit:  You are required to have one to park on campus and get it through the Security Office in the Academic Building room 109.  You will need your license and vehicle registration.

12)  Purchase Books and Supplies (Bookstore)

You can purchase your books with financial aid no earlier than three (3) weeks prior to classes and will need your student ID to do so.  We encourage you to use the MVCC Bookstore WEBSITE to view a list of required textbooks for each class.


Jennifer DeWeerth
Associate Dean for Student Enrollment and Retention Services

Utica - Payne Hall 104B
Rome - Plumley Complex A30

Phone (Utica): (315) 792-5608
Phone (Rome): (315) 334-7755
Fax: (315) 792-5696

Email: Advising

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