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January Institute 2014

Wednesday, January, 15, 2014


8:30-9:15 Breakfast Refreshments - Information Technology (IT) Bldg. Lobby



9:15-10:30  Plenary Session IT Bldg., Schafer Theater: How to Double the Number of Graduates Without Compromising Your Standards.


* Jim Simpson's Plenary and Workshop Session Handouts *

1. How to Double the Number of Graduates Without Compromising Your Standards 

2. How Degree and Certificate Design Can Increase Graduation Rates

3. College System to Enhance Graduation Rates

4. Advising Strategies 



10:45-11:45  Session A Workshops

1. All I Take to Class is my iPad – Shahida Dar - IT 116:  iPads are increasingly becoming a part of the teaching and learning process. This session is aimed at describing different ways of using the iPad as an educator. BYOD is encouraged. 

2. Advising in a Post MA 050 World- Emily Hantsch, Alex Haines-Stephan, Ibrahim Rosic-IT 227:  Beginning with the spring 2014 semester, developmental math at MVCC will look very different. MA 045 and MA 050 will be replaced with three new courses. This presentation will begin with a brief history of the creation of the new courses and will then focus on helping participants understand how to advise students into the appropriate developmental math course. 

3. Play Your Stress Away- Robin Saxe – JC 102:  Reduce stress the child’s way. Create your own personalized stress balls, make therapeutic scented play dough, and enjoy the calming effects of sand and water play.

4. Compelling Communication- Dave Katz – IT 117:  Whether in a classroom, team room, meeting room or boardroom, we all have a desire to maximize the effectiveness of our communication. This highly interactive presentation will align with the current findings on brain research, best practices in pedagogy, and performance art and will model the elements of compelling communication.

5. How Degree and Certificate Design Can Increase Your Graduation Rate – IT 225: This session will raise awareness of research based design principles for programs that have been shown to increase graduation rates.

6. Black Swan Event Preparedness – Dave Amico – IT 119: A black swan event is an event that is deemed improbable yet causes massive consequences. This session will discuss a black swan event as well as the planning associated with preventing such an event.

7. MVCC Wiki Workshop - Sergey Staskevich – IT 128: Have you ever used Wikipedia? MVCC has its own knowledgebase tool that functions in much the same way! No need to set up an additional account. Anyone can add new pages or polish some existing pages. It’s as easy as using text editor. Make a department FAQ, a page for sharing collaborative project info or almost anything else.


11:45-12:45  Lunch (IT Bldg. Lobby)


12:45-1:45 Session B Workshops

1. Thesis, Argument- Tomato, Tomata?- Sarah Beck- IT 224: In this workshop we will begin an interdisciplinary conversation to clarify compositional terms (thesis, argument) and invigorate the teaching of writing on our campus. We will discuss engaging prompts that minimize plagiarism and share ideas about grading practices.

2. Your In-Flight Guide to the Trade Act and 599 @ MVCC- Patti Antanavige, Janet Visalli – IT 216: There are over 100 students on campus who are part of the Trade Act program and several hundred more who are enrolled in 599. Learn what these programs entail, what Adult Learner Services does for these students, and how you may be obligated to complete paperwork.

3. Executive Leadership, Ed.D. Informational Session- Holly Smith- IT 116: Learn the core leadership skills required in today’s complex higher education institutions by earning an Educational Doctorate (Ed.D.) in Executive Leadership from St. John Fisher College.

4. College Systems to Enhance Graduation Rates and Scheduling Strategies - IT 225: Raise awareness of the ATD Data Team, BUG, and assistant deans of college systems and scheduling strategies to enhance graduation rates.

5. Estate Planning- Dave Zumpano- IT 226: Feeling like you are getting squeezed between your role as parent for your children and a support for your aging parents? It’s referred to as the “sandwich generation”. Learn what you need to know to be protected.

6. Undergraduate Research as a Learning Tool- Melissa Barlett, Shahida Dar, Joyce Bauman, Tim Thomas- IT 117: Undergraduate scholarly activities promote curiosity, professionalism, and time management skills while facilitating students’ efficacies in critical thinking and problem solving. Join a conversation about how we can aid in this kind of activity at MVCC in all fields to make it accessible to interested students.

7. An Events’ Office Approach to Quality Service- Bill Dustin- IT 119: This workshop is based on Bill Dustin’s experiences and graduation from Disney Institute at Walt Disney World.



2:00-3:00  Session C Workshops

1. Social Networking Ethics for the Workplace- Kim Evans-Dame- IT 116: With the rise of social networking sites like Facebook, Linked In, and MySpace comes many ethical questions for the workplace. This training is cutting edge in exploring the latest ethical questions for the workplace.

2. Advising Strategies to Enhance Graduation Rates - IT 225: This session is designed to raise awareness of advisors, counselors and career services of advising strategies to enhance graduation rates.

3. Yoga- Jerri George- JC 115: Get inspired! Join an hour long basic yoga class encompassing meditation, stretching, graceful flow of movement and energy and relaxation. No experience necessary. Wear comfortable clothing. No shoes required. Drink plenty of water before and after class and bring an open mind. 

4. Play the Game of College- Melissa Barlett- IT 226: Come and see the board game made specifically for MVCC for use with any introductory students in ED 100, orientation, residence halls, or anywhere else. The Game of College takes the players through what’s needed to get into MVCC and then what’s needed to graduate. 

5. Vietnam Adventure- Dennis Gibbons-IT 117: Learn about Dennis Gibbons’ experiences in Vietnam last May. Perhaps it will spark an interest in you to go as well.

6. Cybersecurity- Jake Mihevc,Tom Mihevc, Jason Yager-IT 119: This program will begin with an overview of recent cybersecurity attacks and threats. We will demonstrate the common cybersecurity attack called “phishing” to provide a deeper understanding of the underlying technology as well as the best ways to protect yourself from attacks and secure your digital identity.

7. The Titan Homes Rebuilding Story- John Sussenburger- IT 216: This presentation describes the story of Titan Homes which was destroyed by a fire but chose to retain and pay its employees during the rebuilding process.

***BONUS*** January 16th Session



1. Safe Space Training Robert Christman, Mike Henningsen, Erin SeversAB 145 with an hour break for lunch.


2. Core Workshop Facilitator Training – Dave Katz, Cheryl Plescia, Ron Labuz, Bill Hysell.  IT 216.  Training for Core Workshop Facilitators.



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