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In order to establish the need for and determine appropriate accommodations and services, students with disabilities must provide documentation from an appropriate professional that verifies the presence of a disability and describes the impact it may or will have on all aspects of the student experience.

This documentation and all related information is maintained by the Office of Accessibility Services (OAR) personnel under the strictest confidentiality. All online files are password protected, and all paper documents are kept in locked filing cabinets within the two offices serving students with disabilities (and shredded by office staff seven years after the last date the student was enrolled at the college).

Information about a student’s disability-related needs (but not the documentation itself) is shared only with the student’s permission on a need-to-know basis in order to facilitate the provision of services, or under emergency conditions when necessary to protect the well-being of the student or others. It does not become a part of the student’s college record, and  there is no indication on the college transcript that a student self-identified  and/or received disability-related services and accommodations. 

ADA/504 Coordinator
Tamara Mariotti, Coordinator of Accessibility Resources 
Phone: 315-731-5702
Utica Campus
Office of Accessibility Resources
Payne Hall Room 104H
Phone: 315-792-5644

Learning & ADHD Disabilities:
Katelyn Ouderkirk, Transition Support Specialist
Phone: 315-792-5413

Other Disabilities:
Tamara Mariotti, Coordinator of Accessibility Resources
Phone: 315-731-5702

Rome Campus
Student Services Office
Plumley Complex 102G
Phone: 315-334-7709

 Grace Costello
Disability Services Specialist
Phone: 315- 334-7744

Jenny Spinelli
Phone: 315-334-7703