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Frequently Asked Questions

Who has to complete this graduation requirement?

Answer: All incoming students, students who change their majors and re-matriculated students must fulfill the DGV (Diversity and Global View) requirement for graduation.

What do students have to do to fulfill this requirement?

Answer: Most students pursuing an Associate´s Degree must complete ONE course required in their major, four tutorials found in Blackboard online, and attend four DGV approved events. Typically, students pursuing Certificates must complete two tutorials and attend two DGV approved events. As one of the required tutorials, students must complete the tutorial "Introduction to Diversity and Global View". It is important to note that these are "generic" requirements. Please check with your advisor to make sure that these are the requirements that apply to your specific program.

How does MVCC know if I complete these requirements?

Answer: Tutorial completions and your scores are automatically recorded in Blackboard. You must obtain a score of 80% on a tutorial for it to count. Every student automatically has an account in Blackboard when they register for classes at MVCC. Attendance at most DGV approved events is tracked and recorded after completion of the event through a swipe card system using your MVCC identification card (students are required to bring their I.D. to every DGV event and should know their M number as well). Bring your College ID to these events so it can be swiped!

How do I know if an event is an approved DGV event?

Answer: Approved DGV events are listed on this page as well as the MVCC calendar.  The majority of DGV events can be found within the MVCC Cultural Series. Their event brochures are available at many locations around campus.  DGV approved events are indicated by "DGV" in the title and the DGV logo.

How does MVCC know if I attend a DGV event?

Answer: Attendance at most DGV approved events is tracked and recorded after completion of the event through a swipe card system using your MVCC identification card (students are required to bring their I.D. to every DGV event and should know their M# as well). If student is more than ten (10) minutes late to a DGV event they will not receive DGV graduation credit. If a student loses their I.D. card, replacement cards are available within the Student Activities Office on the Utica campus and Student Services Office on the Rome campus.

How do I check the number of DGV events that I have attended?

Answer: Students may track their own progress in completing this graduation requirement by logging on to their SIRS account and clicking on DegreeWorks. Students should also check with their academic advisor if they have questions about the DGV requirements or their progress.

What happens if I attend a DGV approved event and it does not show up within my portfolio?

Answer: DGV student registration is typically uploaded 48 hours after attendance. If your attendance is not validated, you will need to visit the Registrar's Office.  They will give you an Attendance Verification Form that you must complete and have signed by a faculty or staff member who can vouch for your attendance. This form must be returned to the Registrar's Office.

How do I access the DGV tutorials on Blackboard?

Answer: How to Get to the DGV Tutorials:

  1. Go of the MVCC Home Page.
  2. Click Current Student, then click the Blackboard "Bb" logo at the bottom of the menu on the left.
  3. Then sign in with your username and password as you would sign on to the computers in the computer labs. [Username = first initial last name day of birth (ex. Msmith04) and Password = the last 4 digits of your social security #. You will then get to the Blackboard home page.
  4. In the upper right hand corner you will see a list of online courses in which you are "enrolled".
  5. Click on "Diversity and Global View." Now you will be at the Diversity/Global View menu.
  6. Go to the top left hand side and click on tutorials. Now you will get a list on tutorial topics. All students must complete tutorial #1 before completing any of the other tutorials.
  7. Click on it, read it, get to the end and launch the quiz.
  8. When you finish the quiz, go to "course tools", click and then choose grade report to get your score. If you need to print your score, you can do so by clicking on the quiz and then clicking on print.

What if students are assigned to complete a tutorial in a course that they are taking – does that count toward the DGV requirement?

Answer: Yes.

Can I take a tutorial more than once to improve my score?

Answer: Yes.

How do I know what courses are DGV courses?

Answer: All programs (with a few exceptions) have at least one required course in the program that meet DGV standards, so you really don't need to be concerned as to whether or not you are taking a DGV approved course. However, if you want to know what the specific DGV courses are, see the section that lists these courses.

What if I transferred a course to MVCC from another school and it is listed as a DGV course at MVCC. Does it fulfill the DGV requirement at MV?

Answer: Yes.