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Program Development Design Team

Purpose Statement:
The purpose of the Program Development System Design Team is to develop a responsive community-focused system of evaluating policies and procedures for eliminating obsolete programs and assessing need for adding new programs at the College.

Charter Sponsor
VP for Learning & Academic Affairs

Charter Contact
Maryrose Eannace

November 2009 - April 2010


  • Research best practices of program development at 3 SUNY community colleges and 3 outside of NY State (Lorain County CC, Central Piedmont CC, Owens CC, or Rio Salado).
  • Identify the minimum requirements set forth by SUNY and NYSED for new program development.
  • Develop preliminary recommendations to present to College Senate and Academic Affairs Admin Team.
  • Integrate feedback to develop final recommendations to VPLAA.


  • Make decisions.  
  • Disscuss contractual issues.
  • Discuss personnel issues.   


  • Keep the College mission with an emphasis on the student experience front and center.
  • Keep the College vision of being responsive to community needs in mind.
  • Think about how to minimize red tape and increase time to market.
  • Seek to understand and recognize there are multiple perspectives to each issue.