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Where's My Graduate?

Hundreds of candidates for graduation will start the Commencement ceremony with the Processional, marching together with the President's Cabinet, Board of Trustees, the Alumni of Merit Winners, College leadership, the County Executive and special guests. This Processional march is deeply rooted in academic tradition and history, and serves to remind us of the importance of graduates’ achievements.

It can be a challenge to look for a specific graduate within this large group of people, but you can narrow down the search by looking for the gonfalon and tassel identifying your student’s Academic Center and major. Gonfalons (from the early Italian “confalone”) are the tall, vertical banners traditionally carried in the Processional. At MVCC they are used to identify the College, its Trustees, and its five Academic Centers. Tassels are the colored fabric ornaments hanging from each student’s cap. Following academic tradition, they are color-coded by area of study.

Below is a quick reference guide to the academic Gonfalons and tassel colors to help you during the Processional.

Academic Centers

MVCC’s 90 degree and certificate programs are offered within one of five Academic Centers, which will proceed into the Auditorium in this order:

  • Center for Arts and Humanities
  • Center for Language and Learning Design
  • Center for Life and Health Sciences
  • Center for Mathematics, Engineering, Physical Science and Applied Technology
  • Center for Social Sciences, Business and Information Sciences

Tassel Colors

Each graduate’s tassel denotes her or his major—note that some colors are used in more than one Academic Center:

  • Apricot: Nursing
  • Brown: Fine Art
  • Drab: Graphic arts, Business, or Information Technology
  • Orange: Engineering Technologies and Trades
  • Sage: Physical Education
  • White: Humanities, Independent Study, Human Services, Psychology, or Education
  • Yellow: Math, Science, Health Services (Non-Nursing), Hospitality, Criminal Justice, or Social Sciences

For example, if you’re trying to find a nursing graduate, look behind the Center for Life and Health Sciences gonfalon, among the group of students wearing apricot tassels; for a criminal justice major, look behind the Center for Social Sciences, Business and Information Sciences gonfalon and among the students with yellow tassels; and so on. For more, see the information about academic regalia and the lists of majors by Academic Center found within the Commencement program.