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Team MVCC Workgroup

Purpose: To promote community activities that provides visibility and meaningful contribution of participants on behalf of the College

Charter Sponsor: President’s Cabinet

Charter Contact:  President’s                         



  • Identify an annual calendar of events for Team MVCC to promote faculty and staff participation
  • Develop budget to provide incentives for planned events
  • Promote Team MVCC events throughout the year
  • Coordinate registrations as necessary per event
  • Coordinate logistics for the day of each event
  • Communicate the outcomes of each event to the College community
  • Complete an annual summary of activity


  • Do anything that works against creating a sense of unity within the College

Guiding Points

  • Consider engaging all MVCC constituents (faculty, staff, students and retirees).
  • Get as creative as possible with your promotions, including staff from Marketing and Communications.
  • Remember that these events are intended to provide an opportunity to bring the College together and amplify our mission of “promoting student success and community involvement through a commitment to excellence and a spirit of service.”