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President’s Think Tank Charter

Purpose Statement: The purpose of the President’s Think Tank Workgroup is to strengthen communication at the College by assembling a representative group from faculty and staff to meet with the President on a regular basis.

Charter Sponsor: President’s Cabinet

Charter Contact: President

Membership (length of term for members if applicable)

  • Academic Administrator
  • Student services administrator
  • Faculty
  • Non-teaching professional staff
  • Administrative services staff
  • Facilities staff
  • AMVA President
  • Professional Association President
  • College Senate Chair
  • At-Large – as necessary


  • Participate in discussions with the President about activities, issues, and perspectives on campus.
  • Surface issues for consideration that might improve the learning environment and MVCC experience for students.
  • Surface issues for consideration that might improve the working environment for employees.
  • Communicate with colleagues and share information gained in the meetings.


  • Make decisions; discuss personnel issues; discuss contractual issues


  • Keep the College mission, with an emphasis on the student experience, front and center
  • Be creative and think big
  • Have patience with yourself, with others, and the College as a whole
  • Seek to understand and recognize there are multiple perspectives to each issue


Minutes, Agenda and Schedule