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Behavior Evaluation Response Team Workgroup

BERT Management Process

Purpose Statement: The purpose of the BERT is to encourage a proactive collaboration with relevant professionals to address patterns of student behavior before they become a disciplinary or safety matter.

Charter Sponsor: President’s Cabinet

Charter Contact: Stephanie C. Reynolds

Timeline: Standing



  • Vice President, Student Affairs
  • Vice President for Learning and Academic Affairs or designee
  • Dean, Rome Campus
  • Assistant Dean, Academic Affairs
  • Associate Dean, Athletics and Physical Education
  • Associate Dean of Student and Residence Life 
  • Associate Dean, Student development & Transitions
  • Chief, Department of Public Safety
  • Director, Civic Responsibilities
  • Director, Campus Services – Rome Campus
  • Licensed Counselor, Counseling Department


  • Create an opportunity and expectation for College employees to be aware of and report student behavior that is concerning.
  • Communicate the process for making a BERT report at the beginning and mid-point of each semester as reminders.
  • Proactively identify patterns of student behavior to effect appropriate and preventative strategies for the mutual benefit of the student and the campus.
  • Develop action step plans to address the patterns of behavior.
  • Communicate back to the original person making the report pertinent information that assures that action has been taken without violating the student’s confidentiality. 


  • Discuss BERT cases outside of the BERT team with the exception of communicating back to the original person making the report about the general status of the report.



  • Keep the College mission front and center
  • Think about what’s best for the individual student and the campus as a whole
  • Seek to understand and recognize there are multiple perspectives to each issue


Behavior Evaluation Response Team Workgroup (BERT)