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Chemical Dependency Practitioner Program

The Chemical Dependency Practitioner Associate in Applied Science degree program helps students develop specific skills required for effective individual and group intervention counseling for people affected by alcoholism, substance abuse, and addiction. Students completing this program fulfill all of the education and training requirements of the New York State Office of Alcoholism and Substance Abuse Services (OASAS) to become a Credentialed Alcoholism and Substance Abuse Counselor (CASAC).

Four courses are required in this area of concentration after successful completion of HS241 Chemical Dependencies. The two counseling courses are AS201 Introduction to Alcoholism/Substance Abuse Counseling and HS233 Group Counseling Skills. The individual and group counseling courses introduce the skills required to assess and treat an addicted individual or family, and to recognize the effectiveness of the individual and group modalities. AS202 Alcoholism/Addiction and Family Systems provides an understanding of co-dependency, the characteristics of healthy and dysfunctional families, and treatment of the family versus the individual. Students are encouraged to begin formative thinking in family systems concepts. The final course is AS204 Special Topics in Alcoholism and Substance Abuse Treatment Programs. The populations include adolescents, the elderly, and women, as well as individuals with multiple problems or disabilities. Special attention is devoted to ethnic and cultural differences that require different responses from the treatment community. Students in their second year may select either a counseling or a prevention track.

Requirements: One High School Mathematics Course or its equivalent is required.

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Human Services & Chemical Dependency Internships

For information about internships in human services, counseling, and chemical dependency practice, please refer to the following student handbook:

Human Services & Chemical Dependency Student Internship Handbook

Students who are instructed to complete an internship application can complete the following forms and return them to PH379 or email them to Elin Cormican at

Human Services & Chemical Dependency Internship Application Forms