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Fall Luncheon Series

  •     Wednesday, Sept. 17, featuring a Comfort Foods theme.
  •     Wednesday, Oct. 8, featuring a Bistro Cuisine theme.
  •     Wednesday, Oct. 29, featuring a Gastro Pub theme.
  •     Wednesday, Nov. 12, featuring a Rustic Food theme.
  •     Wednesday, Dec. 3, featuring a Mash-Up Dishes theme.



 For more information -- Call the Hospitality Management Programs at (315) 334-7702

Email: Hospitality Management Programs

Hospitality Programs

Three Chefs    

Study with them and soon you'll have the whole world eating out of your hand.

Lunch with Pizazz
We would like to welcome you to participate in our “Lunch with Pizazz.”  The lunches are designed to give the students a creative outlet for their classroom work. The themes, menus, recipes and food production are the endeavors of the Banquet and Catering class, Dining Room Service class, and the Baking class. They will be creating food to delight the palate and an ambiance to soothe the spirits.

Click here for the schedule.

Gourmet SaladGourmet Dessert


Hospitality and Culinary Arts

MVCC Presidents talks about the hospitality programs