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Social Sciences, Business & Information Sciences

Welcome to The Center for
Social Sciences, Business & Information Sciences

The Center for Social Sciences, Business & Information Sciences is MVCC’s most diverse center, which includes programs and course work in the academic areas of business, computer science, hospitality, social sciences, fire protection, criminal justice and law enforcement. Our extraordinarily gifted faculty, and dedicated staff, encourage learning opportunities and success that uphold the value of education, and support our students as they journey on to four-year institutions or start their careers.

Social Sciences programs emphasize comprehensive knowledge, critical thinking, and diversity in their coursework.

Business Information programs provide a strong business core, sought-after computer and communications skills, and internship opportunities.

Service is at the heart of every career - but nowhere is service more essential to success than in Hospitality and Culinary Arts. MVCC's academic programs can open the door to careers in the culinary arts, baking and pastry arts, hospitality and restaurant management, and hotel, conference and event planning and management.

Computer Science programs provide the technical expertise, hardware and software proficiency, and communication skills necessary to transfer to a four-year program or launch a successful career.

Criminal Justice, Law Enforcement, and Fire Protection Technology programs provide a theoretical and practical foundation for a wide variety careers.

Center Mission Statement

The mission of Social Sciences, Business and Information Sciences Center is to provide an array of academic majors grounded in innovative learning and active participation.  Using multiple perspectives from all disciplines, we encourage our students to use their critical thinking, oral and writing skills.  By emphasizing diversity and inclusiveness our students can become global citizens.  This education and training will equip our students to make positive, effective and meaningful changes in their community.