Student Employment

Federal Work Study: a Win-Win

Federal Work Study offers need students part-time employment right here at Mohawk Valley Community College while they attend classes. Students may be enrolled part or full-time to earn Work Study as part of their Financial Aid Award. Students Currently earn minimum wage.

How to participate?

STUDENTS: The MVCC Financial Aid Office administers the Work Study funds. When you complete the FAFSA, you can indicate that you are interested in a Work Study job. If you are eligible and there are funds available, you are granted Work Study funds. Maimun Khan, Career and Student Employment Specialist, (PH104B,, is notified and she enrolls you into the Work Study Orientation in the Blackboard website. Once you complete the Orientation, you are then directed to College Central Network ( with instructions on how to search for the Work Study positions. Follow instructions to apply and accept the job offers you are interested in. A decision will then be made about your employment. Please note that being awarded Works Study does not guarantee you a position.

DEPARTMENT EMPLOYERS: To fill vacancies in your office, you simply need to post your position on the College Central Network website. Maimun Khan can work with you to develop a job description and application process that works best for you and your office. Specific and clear information will assist you in finding the right student worker(s). Jobs range from grounds care to tutoring. There is no limit on the number of students you can hire and students are permitted to study during their scheduled work hours after they have completed their responsibilities. Work Study wages, as any other position, must be earned.

The Federal Work study program is a win-win for the whole MVCC community. Students can earn a wage while they attend classes without the additional challenges of transportation and lack of regard for the academic calendar. They also gain employment experience, often related to their academic disciplines. The staff can have additional support for their day to day operations without spending money from their own budgets. Most importantly, staff offers the opportunity for students to learn and experience employment and professional conduct that will serve them long after they leave MVCC.