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Administrative Procedures for Students

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3012 Graduation

Graduation Requirements
Degrees and Certificates
A. MVCC grants four Associate degrees and one Certificate.
a. Associate in Arts (AA)
b. Associate in Science (AS)
c. Associate in Applied Science (AAS)
d. Associate in Occupational Studies (AOS)
e. Certificate
B. Students completing a two year program will be awarded an Associate in Arts, an Associate in Science, an Associate in Applied Science and an Associate in Occupational Studies. Students completing a one year program will be awarded a Certificate.
General Requirements
A. A program grade point average of 2.0 (C) or higher. Credits transfer from other colleges may not be used in this computation.
B. A minimum of 25% of credits completed in residence with an average of 2.00 (C) or higher.
C. Satisfactory completion of the minimum of sixty (60) college credits in approved curriculum for a two year degree or the minimum of twenty-four (24) credits in approved curriculum for a certificate.
D.  Satisfactory completion of Diversity and Global View requirement
E. Satisfactory completion of General Education Requirements
F. Satisfactory completion of SUNY General Education Requirements
G. High School graduation or GED Certificate
H. Satisfactory completion of one credit of ED 100
I. Satisfactory completion of two credits of Physical Education unless stated otherwise in the catalog.
Posthumous Graduation
The Board of Trustees will consider granting posthumous degrees or certificates to students under the following conditions:
A. Student is registered at MVCC during the term in which the student dies.
B. The degree or certificate will be in the program in which the student is matriculated at the time of death.
C. The student has completed the number of courses and credits required by the program.
D. The student is certified for graduation by Vice President for Learning and Academic Affairs or designee.

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