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About Us

Mission & Vision Statement

Adult Learner Services provides quality individualized services to support and enhance the educational experience of the Adult Learner.


To evoke a sense of belonging, inspire confidence, and empower adult learners to achieve their personal, professional, and educational goals in a dynamic global society.


Guiding Principles

Adult Learner Services encourages perspective and current student success through:

  • Advocacy: A dedicated commitment to the use of creative resources in order to assist in the transformation and development of the adult learner and to promote the lifelong learning experience.

  • Community: Strengthening the bond between students, faculty, and staff to create a sense of identity and belonging.

  • Advisement: Instilling trust by providing academically sound recommendations, creating unique action plans, and suggesting possible alternatives in order to meet students’ aspirations.

  • Collaborative Partnerships: With other college offices and community agencies which facilitates innovative programming and services.

  • Mentoring: Establishing positive relationships between adult learners with the assistance of the Returning Adult Student Association.