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Steps to Enroll

After completing your application and submitting all the necessary paperwork for admission to the college,  you application will be reviewed by our Admissions staff and you will be notified in a timely manner.  Once accepted to Mohawk Valley Community College, please follow these Steps to Enroll:

1. Confirm your Admissions Reservation Form (no-fee deposit form that was sent in your acceptance packet)

Just sign and return the form that you received with your acceptance letter to our Admissions office. By completing the Admissions Reservation Form, your application will remain active with our Admissions office.

2.  Apply for Financial Aid  (after January 1 for the upcoming academic year)           

Begin the process at the Federal Financial Aid website at:

3. Start checking your MVCC Student E-mail account for important information regarding such topics as registering for classes, campus housing, and orientations

Your account information is mailed to you shortly after acceptance.

4. Finalize On-campus Housing arrangements (for those who would like to be considered for on-campus housing.  Commuter students skip to Step 5.)

There is a limited amount of on-campus housing available for accepted students on the Utica Campus and no housing on the Rome Campus. Accepted applicants will be considered for on-campus housing on a first-come, first-served basis upon the receipt of the Intent to Enroll Form (Step 1).

5. Take your Placement Test

To sign up for your test, go to or call 315.731.5802.

If you previously attended another institution or took college level coursework while in high school, you may be exempt from portions of the MVCC placement test depending upon your credit evaluation. Please contact Admissions should you have questions regarding transfer credits and/or placement testing requirements.

6. Make your SOAR Appointment *

Accepted students who have completed their placement testing may call the Advisement Office on either campus starting in April to set up their new student advising and scheduling appointment.

Advisement Utica - 315.731.5710
Advisement Rome - 315.334.7725

* Students who have confirmed rooms in the Residence Halls will be invited to attend one of several Residential SOAR (Student Orientation Advisement and Registration) programs held during July or early August to complete placement testing and registration.

7. Submit your Health Forms and Immunization Records

As required by NY state law, you must submit your health and immunization records. The Health Form, in printable form, is available on our web site under Future Students, Health Center

8. Submit N.Y. Certificate of Residence (for non-residents of Oneida County)  (Students who live in Oneida county do not need to act on this step)

NY State Residents from Outside Oneida County must provide a Certificate of Residence from your home county. Certificate forms, available under Administrative   Services, then Business Office on our web site, should not be completed more than 60 days prior to the start of classes and are valid for one year.

Out-of-state residents and international students are not eligible to submit a certificate of residence.

9. Pay Tuition & Fees

Semester bills are due approximately 3 weeks prior to the start of each semester. You must return your bill with either payment or proof of a valid deferral by that date to secure your classes. Failure to do so may result in the cancellation of your schedule.

Full payments can be processed through your online student SIRS account, by mail, or in person at the Business Office at either campus.
Please note that even if your charges are completely covered by financial aid, you must still confirm (“accept”) the charges in your SIRS account.

A payment plan is available through your SIRS account or by visiting

10. Attend SOAR (Student Orientation, Advising & Registration)

During SOAR (Student Orientation, Advising & Registration) you will explore the programs, resources, and tools that you need to succeed at MVCC. As part of the enrollment process, all new matriculated students will participate in SOAR.

At SOAR you will:

  • Explore your academic, career, and transfer goals
  • Meet fellow new MVCC students as well as faculty and staff
  • Plan your first semester schedule, register for courses, and get your MVCC student photo ID
  • Become familiar with MVCC’s technology, including your email and SIRS accounts
  • Learn about the extracurricular and leadership opportunities available to you
  • Be introduced to a wide range of support services
  • Develop a plan for the coursework that leads to your degree

For more detailed information regarding orientations - go to