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Meet The Admissions Staff


Picture of employee, Phil BensonPhil Benson

Admissions Counselor

(315) 792-5373

Territory: Downstate New York, New York City, Long Island, Syracuse       


Picture of employee, Dan Ianno

Dan Ianno

Director of Admissions

(315) 792-5354

Territory:  Central New York, Capital Region, Southern Tier



Picture of employee, Jason LaFountain

Jason LaFountain

Admissions Counselor

(315) 792-5353

Territory:  Western and Central New York



Picture of employee, Kenny Morrison Kenny Morrison

Assistant Director of Admissions

(315) 792-5357


Territory:  Central and Northern New York, Out-of-State


Picture of employee, Sara Boulanger

Sara Boulanger

Coordinator of Services for International Students

(315) 792-5350

International Student Recruitment and Services

Karin Capuana          Domenica Testa

Office Specialist                      Part-time Professional/Clerical                               

(315) 792-5359                        (315) 792-5354



Karen Kuznia              Josie Pintacuda

Office Specialist                       Clerical Staff           

(315) 792-5354                          (315) 792-5407  


Michelle Collea               Anita Marchio

Data Processing Clerk              Clerical Stuff           

(315) 792-5640                          (315) 792-5354