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College Catalog

MVCC offers more than 90 degree and certificate programs that can prepare you to seek employment immediately or transfer smoothly to a four-year institution. For more information about a particular program of study, contact Admissions or a College advisor.

MVCC produces a two-year catalog and for this reason, revisions and updates are made each May 1 and December 1. Only those pages which have been revised will appear.

2010-11 Catalog Cover11-13 Catalog2011-13 Revised
2010-11 Catalog2011-13 Catalog

November 2012
Revised Edition

2013-15 CatalogJanuary updated CatalogRevised 2013-2015 Catalog September 2014
2013-15 CatalogJanuary 2014
Revised Edition

September 2014
Revised Edition

2015-16 College Catalog  
2015-16 Catalog  


New General Education Requirements in 2014-15

Effective for the start of the Fall 2014 semester, MVCC students will be required to meet these general education requirements for certificates and degrees.

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