Adjunct Faculty Support Design Team

The Adjunct Faculty Support Design Team was created in 2008 to address and support the rationale for making changes in a variety of areas that affect Adjunct Faculty, including: 

  • compensation;
  • understanding of the College culture and climate;
  • student interactions;
  • recruitment and retention of Adjuncts;
  • professional development; and
  • engagement and better integration into the life of the College.

Members of the Adjunct Faculty Support Design Team 2012-2013 include:

Deborah Bogan, M.A.
Associate Dean CAAH & Interim Dean STEM

Maria Ramos, M.S.
Professor Human Services

William Hysell, M.Ed.
Professor English

Justin Wilcox, M.B.A.
Assistant Professor Business Accounting

Marye Ianno, Adjunct

Susan D. Smith, M.A.
Adjunct & Service Learning Liaison

Mary Noti, Administrator VPLAA