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Adjunct Expectations

MVCC students use microscopes in a science class.

1. All new Adjuncts are required to provide an original academic transcript for the most recent degree earned to the HR Department within 30 days of hire.

2. All Adjuncts are asked to submit/update Emergency Contact information to Sue Smith (, the Adjunct & Service Learning Liaison, during the first week of classes (name of contact, relationship of contact to adjunct, phone number).

3. All Adjuncts must obtain an M number and PIN from the HR Department. M numbers and PINS are required for SIRS login to do the following: enter grades, view student enrollment, create an electronic grade book, enter midterm & final grades, certify attendance, acknowledge contracts, view personal employment history and payroll, etc.). 

4.  All Adjuncts must obtain a photo ID card. MVCC photo ID cards and replacement cards are available in PH104D in the Student Service Center, first floor Payne Hall.  Check in at the Student Services Center Help Desk for assistance. You must have your M Number from Human Resources to apply for your I.D. Card.  

ID machine hours in Utica are:
Mondays-Thursdays 8:30 am-6:00 pm
Fridays 8:30 am-4:15 pm

Photo I.D. cards may also be obtained on the Rome Campus in PC A30.

5.  All Adjuncts must have a current Faculty Parking Sticker on their vehicle.   Parking stickers may be obtained from Campus Safety on the Utica (AB 108) or Rome campuses (PCA-30). Parking is free on the Utica and Rome campuses.  To obtain a parking decal, you will need to submit your M Number, a valid driver's license, and your vehicle registration.

6. All Adjuncts are expected to hold office hours at a time and location that is convenient for students. The office hours formula is 1 hour per week for every 3 classroom lecture contact hours. For Developmental courses, the formula is 1 hour of office hours for every course you teach.  Office hours are not required for lab/practicum/clinical courses. Contact Sue Smith ( to set up office hours.

7. All Adjuncts will submit an ELECTRONIC copy of course syllabi to the appropriate Academic Center Secretary:

a. BISS – Center for Business, Social Sciences & Information Science - Nadine White (

b. CAAH – Center for Arts & Humanities - Donna Smith (

c. CLLD – Center for Language & Learning Design - Nancy Will (

d. LAHS – Center for Life & Health Sciences - Magan Leahy ( for Biology, other Life Sciences and Ecology/Environmental Science; Renae Sirles ( for Psychology and Human Services; Christine Roberts ( for Nursing, Allied Health, Respiratory Care; Donna Felitto ( for Athletics and Physical Education

e. STEM - Center for Math, Engineering, Physical Science and Applied Science - Brittany Fuller (

8. All Adjuncts are required to have and use an MVCC email account to communicate with students, colleagues, other faculty, staff, and administrators when conducting MVCC-related business. It is expected that adjuncts will check their email accounts at least once a week during the semester, as important instructions about attendance certification, grading, student athlete progress, MMR, financial aid and similar are communicated through email. To set up an account, contact Sue Smith (

9. All Adjuncts are expected to comply with MVCC policies and procedures, including but not limited to certifying attendance, entering mid-term and final grades, responding to the student-athlete academic progress inquiries, implementing/returning student evaluations survey, and other requests for information as appropriate and as outlined in the College Catalog, Student Handbook and official College publications.

10. All Adjuncts have an MVCC mail folder either in Payne Hall 380 (UTICA adjuncts) or the Rome Library (Plumley Center Complex Mezzanine for ROME adjuncts). Online and off-site adjuncts will have mail sent to their home addresses.  It is expected that adjuncts will check their mail folders at least once a week during the semester. Please do not send students to check your mail folders.

11. All Adjuncts are asked to think ahead about copying needs. Large copying jobs (e.g., greater than 40 single sheets) must be sent to the Print Shop. Print Shop order forms must accompany all printing requests.  Forms are available from your Academic Center, from Sue Smith, or in the Rome Library.  Each Center is assigned a code for its adjuncts to use for smaller copying jobs (e.g., up to 40 single sheets). Contact Sue Smith to receive the correct Adjunct copier code. ROME adjuncts may use the designated Faculty/Staff copier in the Rome Campus Library (requires a code available at the Rome Library).

12.  All Adjuncts are required to use classrooms as assigned. If a room needs to be changed for some compelling reason, please contact your Academic Center Assistant Dean.  To ensure your safety and that of your students, please do not change classes without first making a formal request.