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Transportation Management


This certificate provides communication and routing skills necessary for transportation managers in public schools. Team building, conducting meetings, human resource management, and labor negotiations are integral parts. Eighteen of the hours can be applied to the A.A.S. degree in Business Management. All of the courses can be applied toward the A.A.S. degree in Individual Studies.
Goals & Outcomes
To prepare students for supervisory advancement by demonstrating an awareness of global, economic, social, and environmental developments.
  • Students successfully complete the course work using creative techniques to apply to a particular problem.
To present opportunities for students to interact effectively within a diverse student population.
  • Students will interact effectively within a diverse student population by working collaboratively.
  • Students will demonstrate the ability to manage conflicts.
To prepare the student to communicate effectively within a business environment.
  • Students will communicate appropriately with instructors and peers through written or oral assignments.
  • Students will visually and graphically communicate through presentations and/or projects.
To train students to recognize and solve business problems.
  • Students will demonstrate the use of computers as a problem-solving tool.
  • Students will solve problems through case study analysis.
To introduce students to a variety of international business scenarios.
  • Students will demonstrate an understanding of worldwide issues related to business through case analysis and group interactions.
  • Students will demonstrate an understanding of cultural changes in response to internal and external pressures.
To prepare the student with the skills and knowledge needed to understand transportation issues related to business.
  • Students shall demonstrate the ability to use word processing, business communications and presentation software.
  • Students shall demonstrate the ability to use database and spreadsheet software.
To prepare students to demonstrate information literacy.
  • Students will use traditional and contemporary information technology.
  • Students will identify, access, and appropriately use authoritative sources of information.
Plan of Study:
TM101 Supervisor Operations 1
This course develops the ability to carry out policy and program directions. Supervisory courses teach leadership, administration programs, and engage in the development of programs and materials within limitations established by management. See when this course is offered ...
BM129 Business Math
This course reviews basic arithmetic processes to develop speed and accuracy in working with decimals, fractions, and percentages. Calculators are used to solve business problems, including simple and compound interest, discounting promissory notes, present value, installment purchases, and mortgages. Retail mathematics covers the areas of purchase and cash discounts, trade discounts, and markup of merchandise. Topics may also include the mathematics of sales and property taxes and payroll. Problem-solving exercises are completed through applications and exercises. Prerequisite: An appropriate Mathematics Placement test result or MA045 Basic Math Skills or MA050 Introductory Mathematics. See when this course is offered ...
EN101 English 1:Composition
This course focuses on several kinds of writing-self-expressive, informative, and argumentative/persuasive, and others. A minimum of five essay compositions are required. The course emphasizes the composition of clear, correct, and effective prose required in a variety of professions and occupations.Prerequisites: The required developmental reading (DS051 Essential Reading & Study Skills, or DS080 Study Reading), or SL115 ESL4: Advanced Reading, and/or writing courses (EN099 Introduction to College English or SL116 ESL4: Advanced Composition) or permission of the instructor or designee. See when this course is offered ...
IS101 Computer Apps & Concepts 1
This course provides knowledge of relevant computer skills and a solid foundation in the terminology and concepts of computer technology. Experience is provided with a variety of microcomputer software applications, including word processing, electronic spreadsheets, graphics, file management, and integrated software. Concepts and terms focus on preparing for a technologically oriented society and using the computer as a tool for productivity, research, and communication. See when this course is offered ...
BM101 Survey Economics
This course introduces economic theory and its relevance to daily life in a market economy. Topics include scarcity, supply and demand, choice, economic growth, taxation, and the role of government in the economy. Attention is given to current economic issues and their impact upon everyday life. See when this course is offered ...
TM102 Supervisor Operations 2
This course covers the challenges in pupil transportation systems. It explores risk management techniques, student passenger management, personal skills to improve the ability to succeed as a manager, and legal issues surrounding public school transportation. Prerequisite: TM101 Supervisor Operations 1. See when this course is offered ...
BM250 Prin Management
This course develops an understanding of the basic functions of management as well as the social and economic responsibilities of those people engaged in management. Emphasis is placed on the problem of decision-making under conditions of uncertainty. See when this course is offered ...
PY101 Intro General Psychology
This course introduces the many and varied facets of psychology. Emphasis is on interactions of individuals in their cultural, social, and economic environments as determined by their cognitive, behavioral, and emotional experiences and training. See when this course is offered ...
BM252 Supervisory Mgmt
This course provides a working knowledge of supervisory skills necessary for dealing with human problems within the organization. It covers elements such as communications, motivation, discipline, negotiations, and conflict management. Prerequisites: BM251 Organizational Behavior. See when this course is offered ...

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