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Supervisory Management


This certificate provides current supervisors as well as individuals who wish to be supervisors, with a foundation in management and people skills. All of these courses can be applied to an A.A.S. degree in Individual Studies. Many of the courses can be used in other business-related programs.
Goals & Outcomes
To prepare students for supervisory careers.
  • Graduates secure a job in a supervisory capacity within two years.
  • Graduates seeking further education transfer to a degree program.
To prepare the students to interact effectively within a diverse business population.
  • Students will interact effectively within a diverse student population by working collaboratively.
To prepare the student to communicate effectively within the business environment.
  • Students will communicate appropriately with instructors and peers through written or oral assignments.
To train students to solve business problems.
  • Students will demonstrate the use of computers as a problem-solving tool.
  • Students will understand the application of electronic spreadsheets.
To introduce students to a variety of international business scenarios.
  • Students will demonstrate an understanding of worldwide issues related to business.
To prepare students to demonstrate information literacy.
  • Students will use traditional and contemporary information technology.
  • Students will identify, access, and appropriately use authoritative sources of information.
Plan of Study:
BM101 Survey Economics
This course introduces economic theory and its relevance to daily life in a market economy. Topics include scarcity, supply and demand, choice, economic growth, taxation, and the role of government in the economy. Attention is given to current economic issues and their impact upon everyday life. See when this course is offered ...
BM251 Organizational Behavior
This course is the study of how individuals and groups act in organizations. It explores a systems approach in developing organizational and human resource objectives, as well as a holistic approach in examining relations among groups, individuals, and systems as they relate to the organization. See when this course is offered ...
BM252 Supervisory Mgmt
This course provides a working knowledge of supervisory skills necessary for dealing with human problems within the organization. It covers elements such as communications, motivation, discipline, negotiations, and conflict management. Prerequisites: BM251 Organizational Behavior. See when this course is offered ...
BM254 Human Resources Mgmt
This course introduces the functions involved with managing the human resources within an organization. Topics include job design and analysis, recruitment and selection, performance appraisals, training, compensation administration, benefits, and employee rights. See when this course is offered ...
EN110 Oral&Writn Communctn
This course covers the effective oral and written contexts of occupational communications. It includes practice in oral presentations, business letters, resumes, memos, instructional materials and reports, and visual aids. It is designed specifically for A.O.S. degree programs. Prerequisite: An appropriate placement test result; or successful completion of DS051 Essential Reading & Study Skills, or SL115 ESL4: Advanced Reading, and successful completion of either EN099 Introduction to College English or SL116 ESL4: Advanced Composition. See when this course is offered ...
EN150 Effective Speech
This course is an introduction to public speaking. It emphasizes the fundamentals of preparing, organizing, supporting, and delivering the speech based on factual material. It includes topic selection, audience analysis, fact vs. opinion, outlining, supporting material, and visual support. Informative, demonstrative, and persuasive speeches are presented. Elements of interpersonal communication, logic, and persuasion are discussed. Prerequisite: EN101 English 1: Composition or EN106 English 1: Composition and Reading. See when this course is offered ...
PY101 Intro General Psychology
This course introduces the many and varied facets of psychology. Emphasis is on interactions of individuals in their cultural, social, and economic environments as determined by their cognitive, behavioral, and emotional experiences and training. See when this course is offered ...
PY204 Social Psychology
This course deals with theoretical and applied aspects of the individual in social contexts. Attention is given to interpersonal relations and group dynamics, for better understanding of functioning in social situations. Topics include conformity, aggression, interpersonal attraction, and communication. Prerequisite: PY101 Introduction to General Psychology. See when this course is offered ...
IS101 Computers and Society
This course provides knowledge of relevant computer skills and a solid foundation in the terminology and concepts of computer technology. Experience is provided with a variety of microcomputer software applications, including word processing, electronic spreadsheets, graphics, file management, and integrated software. Concepts and terms focus on preparing for a technologically oriented society and using the computer as a tool for productivity, research, and communication. See when this course is offered ...
BM129 Business Math
This course reviews basic arithmetic processes to develop speed and accuracy in working with decimals, fractions, and percentages. Calculators are used to solve business problems, including simple and compound interest, discounting promissory notes, present value, installment purchases, and mortgages. Retail mathematics covers the areas of purchase and cash discounts, trade discounts, and markup of merchandise. Topics may also include the mathematics of sales and property taxes and payroll. Problem-solving exercises are completed through applications and exercises. Prerequisite: An appropriate Mathematics Placement test result or MA045 Basic Math Skills or MA050 Introductory Mathematics. See when this course is offered ...
MA105 Technical Math 1
This course covers the four fundamental operations on integers, rational numbers, and real numbers. It includes the study of weights and measures, exponents and radicals, factoring, and linear equations, with an emphasis on technical applications. See when this course is offered ...

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