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Certificate Programs



This certificate prepares students to fill careers as service technicians in the field of residential and commercial refrigeration. All courses apply toward the A.O.S. degree in Air Conditioning Technology-Refrigeration Option.
Goals & Outcomes
To prepare the student for a career as a refrigeration service technician
  • Graduates obtain a career as a refrigeration service technician
  • Students will be able to implement proper refrigeration service procedures on laboratory apparatus
To prepare the students to successfully pass Section 608 of the EPA.
  • Students successfully pass EPA section 608 licensing exam.
To prepare the students to be safe and competent Refrigeration technicians.
  • Students will follow safety procedures.
  • Students will demonstrate ability to troubleshoot Refrigeration systems and develop a corrective action plan.
To prepare students to demonstrate information literacy.
  • Students will use traditional and contemporary information technology.
  • Students will identify, access, and appropriately use authoritative sources of information.
Plan of Study:
MA105 Technical Math 1
This course covers the four fundamental operations on integers, rational numbers, and real numbers. It includes the study of weights and measures, exponents and radicals, factoring, and linear equations, with an emphasis on technical applications. See when this course is offered ...
MA106 Technical Math 2
This course is a continuation of MA105 Technical Mathematics 1, with further topics from algebra as well as from geometry and trigonometry, and an emphasis on technical applications. Prerequisite: MA105 Technical Mathematics 1. See when this course is offered ...
ET101 Tech Electricity 1
This introductory course provides the basic knowledge and skills necessary within any electrical service technician program. It includes an in-depth study of electron theory, Ohm’s Law, series and parallel circuits, as well as electrical energy and power relationships. Also included are methods of generation of electromotive force, electromagnetism, and motor principles and capacitance as these apply to DC circuits. Uses, construction, and calibration of voltmeters and ammeters are investigated. Corequisite: MA105 Technical Mathematics 1. See when this course is offered ...
ET102 Tech Electricity 2
This course is a continuation of ET101 Technical Electricity 1. It reinforces previously acquired information and applies it to alternating current (AC) circuits. It investigates AC sine wave generation, mutual inductance inductive and capacitive reactance, and instantaneous values of voltage and current as well as real and apparent power. Uses, construction, and calibration of AC metering equipment are an integral part of this course. Practical application of each topic in both introductory courses are included in all laboratory experiments. Prerequisite: ET101 Technical Electricity 1. Corequisite: MA106 Technical Mathematics 2. See when this course is offered ...
ET209 Refrigeration 2
This course covers the components of refrigeration for commercial and industrial systems. It includes systems requirements and the application of components to develop built-up systems. Prerequisite: ET108 Refrigeration 1, or VT133 Refrigeration and Air Conditioning 1. (Fall semester) See when this course is offered ...
ET223 Transport Refrig
This course covers the refrigerant and electrical controls used in transport refrigeration. It discusses problems unique to the industry and includes fundamental approaches to gasoline and diesel engine principles. Prerequisite: ET209 Refrigeration 2. (Spring semester) See when this course is offered ...
ET234 Elec Wire & Code 1
This course is an introduction to electrical residential wiring. It covers all of the essential elements regarding electrical installations in the home, including code making bodies, devices, boxes, conductors, outlets, light fixtures, ceiling fans and service entrances. All temporary laboratory wiring is installed in compliance with the current National electrical Code, providing experience in cable, conduit, surface raceway, service entrance, low-voltage control, annunciator, and intrusion detection systems. Corequisite: ET101 Technical Electricity 1. See when this course is offered ...
ET108 Refrigeration 1
This course covers basic physics as applied to refrigeration and air conditioning. It includes flaring and soldering techniques, compressor construction, and domestic refrigeration, including characteristics of automatic controls. Prerequisites: MA105 Technical Mathematics 1 and ET101 Technical Electricity 1. (Spring Semester) See when this course is offered ...
VT133 Refrig & Air Condg 1
The course introduces domestic refrigeration and small air conditioners. It includes the history of refrigeration, basic refrigeration theory, proper methods of troubleshooting, and repair of domestic units. The use and care of hand power tools and test equipment are covered. See when this course is offered ...

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